About Our School

King’s Meadow was originally built in 1970 at a cost of £250 000 and at the time was quoted as being, “the latest thing in school design.”

Originally, when the planning period began in 1961 the school was to be built in Artillery Park but it was later decided that this would not be suitable.

A quote from the Haddingtonshire courier, December 11th 1970:

..the school has an easy domestic atmosphere. In fact it is virtually a home from home for the children…they change their outdoor footwear for plimsolls or walk about in their stocking feet.

In the 12th Century a Royal Palace occupied the site of the present County Buildings. Court Street had been known as King Street and the ground where the school stands had been known as the King’s Meadow hence the name for the school.

Mr Murdie, the Head teacher at the time hoped that, “the children would learn to make the most of their life and leisure by starting off the right way.”

In June 1993 the existing school burnt down. After a great deal of negotiating temporary units were erected on the grass area where the all-weather pitch is now situated. For the next two years the site of the school was a building site. The administrative section of the school remained and during the winter staff had to fight against the elements to get to the staff room for a well-earned cup of coffee.

Fire picture 1During the two years when the temporary building was in use there were several problems. Water came back up through sinks and flooded classrooms, heat during the summer was unbearable and during the winter the cold was extremely uncomfortable.

Fire picture 2The present school opened its doors to children in August 1995 and in November 1995 there was an official ceremonial opening.

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