Our Staff


Staffing for session 2017 / 18

P4A – Mrs L Muir

P4B – Mrs Esamal

P4C – Mrs MacDonald/Mrs Murray

P4D – Mrs Guy

P5A – Mrs Walker

P5B – Miss Lyon

P5C – Mrs Roche

P6A – Mr Durkin ( Monday and Tuesday) Mrs Bagnall (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

P6B – Mrs McDermott

P6C – Mrs McGinlay/Mrs Reid

P7A – Mr Goodbourn

P7B – Mr Love

P7C – Miss McKinlay

Probationer cover  – Mrs Davidson – Monday and Tuesday

Support for Learning  Mrs Bull (PT)/Mrs Paton (PT)


PE – Mrs Arnold

Art Mr Connell

Music Mrs Roberts

Head Teacher Mrs S McGillivray

Depute Head Mr B Smith

Office Staff  – Mrs Bryson      Mrs Kennedy

Classroom Assistants Mrs Laing, Mrs Kelly,  Mrs McKechie,  Mrs J Muir

Additional Support Needs:  Mrs Dale,  Mrs Hopkinson

Playground Supervisor: Mrs J Muir  Mrs Kelly

Janitor Mr Purvis


3 thoughts on “Our Staff”

  1. Hello Mrs McGillivary,
    I just wanted to congratulate you on fantastic results in the recent communication distributed by Fiona Robertson. it was encouraging to see Kings Meadow keeping up with schools such as Loretto and event bettering Law Primary.
    I have 2 daughters at Kings Meadow at the moment and it is so great to hear such positive news.
    Kind Regards, Pauline Dale

  2. I just want to say well done for all of the money and effort you’ve but into the school you’ve really made it the BEST PRIMARY SCHOOL EVER you’ve worked so hard to keepthe children happy and giving them a great brain and lots of nerves !!WELL DONE ??

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