School Policy on Clothing/Uniform

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School should provide an appropriate learning experience for all children within a collective, disciplined context. The adoption of a dress code is seen as assisting discipline by:

  • Increasing the sense of pupil identity with the school.
  • Readily identifying children with the school when they are outwith the school itself.
  • Developing a partnership with parents in decision making about what is/is not appropriate garb for school.
  • Contributing to an ethos which sees school as providing primarily a working rather than social environment.
  • Reducing the element of unfair and invidious competition that exists between children (particularly amongst the older age groups) in terms of clothing style and “labels” worn.

There is a school uniform which can be obtained from the supplier direct ( ).   We offer parents the opportunity to purchase King’s Meadow sweatshirt / cardigan, fleece and polo shirt, white/blue/grey shirt (worn under sweatshirt), plain dark coloured (navy/grey/black) trousers/skirt should be worn with the aforementioned.  Footwear does cause some difficulties, while the recommendation is that shoes should be worn rather than trainers, it is recognised that it might be difficult, for a variety of reasons, for parents to meet this requirement.  A separate pair of indoor shoes is needed for inside the school, e.g. ‘gym’ shoes/training shoes.  These of course may also be used for P.E. and Drama lessons.  It should be noted that only shoes which are of the “non-marking” variety may be worn indoors.

Please label your child’s clothing

Parents have differing views on uniforms, but the policy of the school is now that uniform clothing should be the norm for children attending school and parents are asked to support this approach.

The following items of clothing, however will not be included in the dress code:

  • Jeans
  • Long ‘dangly’ earrings
  • Nail Varnish and Make-up
  • Face and body piercings have become a real cause for concern in some schools and we would appreciate your support in dealing with that concern.

Almost every school in East Lothian has worked hard to establish a dress code.  This encourages young people to identify with the school.  It also reduces some of the inequalities that there can be between pupils and helps parents and carers who can often come under pressure to make sure that young people have the “right” sort of clothing and footwear to impress friends.  The dress code also helps young people to see school as business-like place where they go to learn, not as a purely social place.

We believe that these worthwhile efforts to establish dress code can be undermined by face and body piercings that would not be acceptable in other places of work.

Some piercings can create real risks for pupils in the playground and in the course of many school activities.  It is your responsibility as a parent or carer to make sure that any jewellery, studs or other decoration are made safe for school.

Face and body piercing can be hazardous and we have had problems with pupils becoming infected and requiring treatment.  There is normally a period of around 6 weeks after piercing before any studs or other jewellery can be removed.  We would ask you to think about this if your child wishes to have a piercing done and try and avoid this during the school term.




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