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Lateness / Absences

Just a reminder that it is a parent’s responsibility to report a child’s absence from school.  This can be done by leaving a message on our answerphone, emailing us or using the Parents Portal.


Tel: 01620 822177 or 01620 823271



Head lice are a common problem in school aged children. They can’t be prevented, but regular checking ensures early detection and treatment if necessary. Parents and carers should check their children’s head once a week during hair washing using a method known as Wet Combing (see below). You need your usual shampoo, conditioner and a detection comb – ask your local pharmacist to recommend a suitable one. Remember that you are looking for living moving lice, the only evidence that your child is infected.

If you find a living louse, ask your local pharmacist, school nurse, health visitor or GP for advice regarding treatment.

Wet combing

This method of treatment involves thoroughly combing the hair with a special comb that is capable of picking out lice. Success will depend on how committed you are!

Obtain a plastic comb with very fine teeth, no more than 0.3mm apart.

  • First come through wet hair with an ordinary come to get rid of knots and tangles.
  • Apply conditioner to make it easier to comb the hair with the fine toothed comb.
  • Comb through every bit of hair, pulling the comb from the scalp to the hair ends.
  • If you find lice, wipe them on to a tissue, or rinse them off the comb and down the sink.
  • Work through the hair until you’ve gone through it twice.
  • Rinse off the conditioner.

You need to do this every three or four days to make sure that you catch any new lice that have hatched since you last combed the hair. The aim is to break the life cycle of the lice. The idea is that by removing lice early on in their life cycle, you’ll stop them from becoming mature enough to lay more eggs. After about two weeks, all the lice should have been removed.

Continue until you no longer find any lice for at least two treatments in a row.

Bug Busting its can be purchased from most pharmacists. Alternatively, they can be ordered from:

Community Hygiene Concern

Manor Gardens Centre

6-9 Manor Gardens

London N7 6LA



The National Improvement Framework for Scottish Education sets out a vision and priorities for children’s progress and learning. The Framework will be key in driving work to continually improve Scottish Education and close the attainment gap, delivering both excellence and equity.

King’s Meadow Primary will be using this document, along with How Good is Our School? 4, to identify priorities as part of our continuous programme of improvement.

National Improvement Framework

How Good Is Our School? 4


Parentzone Scotland

This is a unique website for parents and carers in Scotland, from early years to beyond school. The website provides up-to-date information about learning in Scotland, and practical advice and ideas to support children’s learning at home. The website can be accessed at

What’s On in Haddington?

Please click on this link to find out details of after-school clubs that run in the Haddington area: What’s On? 2015