About Our School

Contact Details

Address: Tynebank Road, Haddington, EH41 4DN

Telephone: 01620 823271

Email: admin@haddingtoninfant.elcschool.org.uk

Haddington Infant School is a local authority, non denominational school run by East Lothian Council and serves the town of Haddington and its environs. The school implements a Curriculum for Excellence but does not provide teaching by means of Gaelic language as spoken in Scotland. The school caters for boys and girls from nursery to Primary 3. Presently we have 286 pupils from Primary 1 to Primary 3 and provision for 80 children in the nursery. After Primary 3 our children transfer to the nearby King’s Meadow Primary School which caters for children from Primary 4 to Primary 7. We have close links with King’s Meadow and commitment to ensure that children experience a smooth transition to Primary 4. Amongst other activities arrangements are made for pupils to spend the day at King’s Meadow with their Primary 3 teachers and parents are invited to visit the school. This normally takes place in June. After King’s Meadow the pupils transfer to the local secondary school, Know Academy.