One thought on “Session Dates”

  1. Dear Mrs McGillivray

    I am writing regarding enrolment for our son, Maximilian Rutherford, in to P1 for the August 2018 intake.

    We received a letter from East Lothian Council to say a place had been reserved for him at Haddington Infants and that we needed to contact you to finalise enrolment details.

    Could you let me know if we need to complete any more forms as part of this process and what else needs to be done.

    My husband came to see the School last year but I was unable to join him unfortunately. However, we would both welcome the opportunity to come in again and perhaps be shown around and also chat a little bit more about the curriculum and transition process. I understand from Pumpkin Patch and Pear Tree nurseries (which Max attends currently) that there a series of introduction visits which take place which is an excellent idea.

    I realise you are on holiday at the moment but look forward to hearing back from you when the summer term commences.

    My telephone number is 07812 135 744, should it be easier to chat on the phone.

    Kind regards

    Mrs Annie Rutherford

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