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Nursery Staff 2017/18

Miss Lorna McDonald – Class Teacher

Mrs Gail Watson – Nursery Nurse

Mrs Isobel Buckley – Nursery Nurse

Miss Laura Forbes – Nursery Nurse

Mrs Hilary Bolda – Nursery Nurse

Mrs Margaret Ross – Nursery Nurse

Mrs Mel Norris – Nursery Nurse

Welcome to the Nursery page!  We will use this page to share what we are doing in nursery throughout the year.   We would love to hear what you think so please leave us a comment!

We will be busy settling back into nursery for the first few weeks so please be patient whilst we update this page.

As the year progresses you will be able to access newsletters, weekly updates and nursery specific news here.


Week Beginning: 28.08.17

This week the children have been busy learning to count forwards and backwards within 20. They have also been learning how to use their fingers to show amounts within five. They have also been learning the nursery rules and routines. Over the next few weeks we will be starting our Harvest topic and finding out about where our food comes from.


Use the link below to view the latest copy of the nursery newsletter:

Nursery newsletter 2017

Important dates:

  • Thursday 7th September – School Photographs
  • Tuesday 12th September – Curriculum Evening
  • Friday 15th September – Holiday
  • Monday 18th September – Holiday


Week Beginning 04.09.17

This week we the children have been busy learning about Harvest and we have discussed what we have seen happening in the fields around Haddington. Some of the children noticed tractors and combine harvesters working in the fields.

We have been learning some new songs to go with our harvest topic:

We especially like singing Big, Red Combine Harvester!


Week Beginning: 11.09.17

This week we used cooking apples to make apple crumble for our snack. We also looked at the potatoes we found in our nursery garden and we are thinking of things we can make with them. Lots of us know we can make chips, crisps and mashed potato.

We have been painting some fantastic pictures in the art area and we have been enjoying using our new construction tools in the big brick area.


Week Beginning: 18.09.17

We are continuing to learn about Harvest this week and in particular how wheat is made into flour. Some of the children have been brining in wheat and barley to show everyone and it has made us think about what these are made into. Mrs Buckley explained how wheat is harvested and explained how it is made into flour. We thought it would be a good idea if we made some bread for our snack this week.

Use the help at home sheet to further develop learning at home.


****The children have been very busy making Christmas Cards. These cards will be sent home attached to the order form which you can complete and return to us no later than Friday 29th September. Please include any payments in a named, sealed envelope. *****


Week Beginning: 02.10.17

This week we have been busy exploring our outdoor area and have enjoyed getting busy in the mud kitchen making potions and pies! We have also started learning about Autumn and some of us have brought in Autumn leaves and conkers. Miss McDonald set up a paint activity with conkers – we rolled the conkers in paint and then rolled them over paper to create a pattern.

Use the link below to view a copy of our Help At Home sheet linked to Autumn…


Our October Newsletter has now been sent home/e-mailed. If you need access to an electronic copy us the link below.

Nursery October newsletter 2017


Week Beginning: 09.10.17

A reminder that it is Parental Consultations this week – the appointment times were handed out last week – if you can no longer attend please let a member of staff know as soon as possible.  

Our learning about Autumn is continuing and we have been busy making an Autumn display with Miss Forbes. We added Autumn leaves, acorns, conkers and pine cones. We have spoken about what happens during Autumn – the days get shorter and colder, the leaves change colour and animals start preparing for Winter. 


Week Beginning: 30.10.17

This week the children have been participating in a little Hallowe’en fun! They have listened to a variety of Hallowe’en stories – Winnie the Witch and  Pumpkin Soup as well as dooking for apples! Mrs Watson created a potion making station at our water tray which the children loved. Our learning about Autumn will continue but the focus will change to hibernation, light and dark as well as learning about Guy Fawkes. The curriculum newsletter for Block 2 has been sent home but you will find an electronic copy below.

block 2 Oct-Dec curric news


Week Beginning: 13.11.17

This week we are learning all about nocturnal animals. We know nocturnal animals are awake during the night and do all of their hunting then. We watched a video about owls and read the story Owl Babies. We have also been having great fun role playing as fire fighters – Miss Forbes has recorded all our ideas in our Floorbook which is located in the cloakroom for you to see.

November Nursery Newsletter 2017


Week Beginning: 20.11.17

The children have been thoroughly enjoying learning about day and night and we are trying hard to remember all the days of the week in the correct order by singing the days of the week song. Some of us have used our recall skills to make our own Owl Babies books. The nursery is looking fantastic with all the autumnal art work on the walls.


Week Beginning: 27.11.17

Miss Forbes has been busy teaching us the Christmas songs for our Singalong. We have all tried hard to learn the words and sing nicely. Out in the garden the children have been busy building and creating using our loose parts. We really appreciate all the donations that have been handed in as the children enjoy building and experimenting with guttering, wood, logs, tyres and tree trunks.

Important Dates for December:

Christmas Singalong Tues 19th December – 11:45am for morning group and 2:30pm for afternoon group.

Christmas Party – Thurs 21st December.


Week Beginning: 04.12.17

This week we are busy practising for our Christmas Singalong. We will also be decorating our beautiful Christmas tree and making lots of Christmas crafts.  The children decided they wanted a polar land in the sand tray last week so we took their ideas and made an icy, snowy landscape using a variety of materials.


Week beginning: 11.12.17

 Miss Forbes has been busy making Christmas cards with us, Mrs Ross has been making some very sparkly decorations and Mrs Watson has been making salt dough shapes with us….everyone will get a Christmas bag at the end of term to take all their beautiful Christmas items home in. We have enjoyed learning about the days of the week and can now apply this knowledge when completing our daily calendar. We have also enjoyed using the Christmas outfits to role play the Nativity Story.


Week Beginning: 08.01.18

Happy New Year everyone – it is lovely to see all the children back. It has been great to hear all the children’s news from over the holidays. This week we will be exploring the topic of winter and looking for signs of Winter in the garden. We are hoping to do some science experiments with ice and water if the weather outside is cold enough. We will also be starting our Scotland topic and beginning our Scottish country dance lessons in the hall.


Week Beginning: 15.01.18

This week the children have started to learn about Robert Burns and all things Scottish. We will be show casing our learning in a Scots Day event on 6th February. A letter will go home soon about this. As well as this we have explored our Winter topic more and the boys and girls would like to make a display showing what they have found out about the North and South Poles.


Week Beginning: 22.01.18

This week the children have been busy making tartan at the glue table using felt and card. Mrs Watson helped us make our own tartan kilts at the drawing table. These have been displayed in the nursery…some of the children even wrote their own surname beside the tartan design!

Scots Day is fast approaching and the children have been practising hard. Their singing is fantastic and you’ll be amazed by how good their Scottish Country Dancing is!


A huge thank you to everyone who attended our Scots Day show in the last week of term. The children danced and sang beautifully and the feedback we have had has been very positive. The children worked very hard during the rehearsals and this showed in their performance.


Week Beginning: 26.02.18

This week we have been learning about Spring time – although the weather recently has been more like mid winter! The children have also shown a great interest in volcanoes and dinosaurs. Mrs Watson made us a dinosaur cave in the nursery and we have enjoyed learning about the different types of dinosaurs. In the water tray a group of children started discussing volcanoes and lava. We added red and orange colour to the water and they used the funnels and bottles as pretend volcanoes.  Zak also brought in a piece of lava to show the boys and girls.


School Closure – Wednesday 28th February, Thursday 1st March 2018

To continue learning at home I have attached the ‘Help Your Child at Home Sheets ‘ – please use the link below to open them

Spring topic

shape HAM nursery 

You could also take some time to find out more about dinosaurs and volcanoes. The children have been really interested in learning more about these topics.

The children were keen to find out the following:

  • Names of different dinosaurs
  • How the dinosaurs became extinct
  • What they ate
  • How tall they were

There are lots of different information videos about volcanoes on youtube. Feel free to watch these at home with your child or use information books to find out more about these topics. We have also been reading a series of books called ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs’.


Today we would have been celebrating World Book Day! Use the link above to find some information and activities that you could potentially do at home.


I hope you have all been having fun in the snow these past few days! If you have made any fantastic snowmen/snowdogs etc take a photo and bring it in to show us!


Week Beginning: 05.03.18

This week the children have been getting very busy in the nursery learning about snow, ice and dinosaurs. Lots of the children told us about all the fantastic things they did on their days off nursery last week.

The nursery Fun Night is Wednesday 7th March 5:30-7pm. Parents and carers are invited to stay in a separate room where the PTA will be running raffles and providing teas and coffees. We are looking forward to seeing you all there!


Week Beginning: 19.03.18

This week the children have started exploring our nursery garden looking for signs of Spring. We have found purple and yellow crocus and some of the snowdrops we planted have started to come through. At the glue table we have made some lovely Spring flower pictures and we have also enjoyed creating bright Spring paintings at the easel.

Pre-school parental consultations – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Please note ante-pre school ‘stay and play’ is the following week. Dates and times have been allocated – we look forward to having you join us in  nursery.


Week Beginning: 26.03.18

This week the children are learning about the Easter celebration and will get the chance to make an Easter cake to take home with them. The children have been enjoying getting busy in the sunshine and we have noticed that we have a lot of very active frogs in our garden pond!

Last day of term: Thursday 29th March.

All resume: Monday 16th April.


Week Beginning: 23.04.18

This week the children have been learning about how to make compost and we have started gathering our scraps from snack and putting them into the bin in the garden. Miss Forbes helped us to research what we needed to do to make compost and then what we can do with it in our garden. The transition programme starts on Wednesday when the children get to experience storytime in the library with Mrs Murray.

Health Week: w/b: 30th May

Sports Day: 31st May AM and PM groups (weather dependent!)


Week Beginning: 30.04.18

It is Health Week in the school and nursery and we have all been getting very active! The nursery boys and girls enjoyed a session with Jo Jingles and listening well to a safety talk from the local police officer – PC Johnstone. The pre school children got to experience playing in a primary 1 classroom this week and came back to nursery feeling even more excited about moving on to p1 after the summer!


Week Beginning: 21.05.18

This week the pre school children experienced playing in the school playground with the children from our partnership nurseries. They enjoyed being able to explore the trim trail and the wooden pencil maze. The children have been fascinated by all the minibeasts they have been finding outside in the garden. They have used various resources to make ladybirds, butterflies and bees to decorate our nursery.  It looks very bright and colourful now!

Nursery Sports Day – 31st May  (weather permitting)

AM start approx. 9:30am  PM start approx. 1:45pm

****AM Groups – Sports Day Cancelled now rescheduled for Tuesday 5th June at 10:30am for morning children****






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