Bears hit Heathrow … and beyond

Hucklebear and Marmaduke did not have a long stay in sunny Cambridge. The next day they were on the train to London. They traveled by taxi from Kings Cross to Paddington (and said “hi” to another bear, unfortunately they didn’t get a snap), and then hopped on a train to Heathrow!

Here they are checking the departure sign at Terminal 1. Look at all the places one can travel to in the world from Heathrow. Now the passport made sense and they started wondering about where they were going.

So this is the airplane they will be traveling on. It seems to be a 777. My that’s large and there sure are a lot of people in the departure lounge.

Well, they finally got on the airplane, and Marmaduke is asking Hucklebear where they’re going as it doesn’t say on the map!

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