Donkey sanctuary

kym wants to tell every one about her recent adoption of Paddy the donkey, fromSt Boswells Donkey Sanctuary.

The Donkey sanctuary has 43 donkeys from  all different back grounds, 4 were saved from the slaughter house, another from Blackpool beach, an other from Spain.

Paddy is the one that we adopted and the money we pay helps to feed Paddy,for 1 year.

Does anyone know how old a Donkey can live to?

6 thoughts on “Donkey sanctuary”

  1. I do not know how long a donkey lives for, Does anyone else?

    Kym – you could try and add a photo of you donkey to this post. I am sure everyone would love to see Paddy.

    Mrs S 🙂

  2. That is a great idea Mrs Stratton to add a picture!!!;)

    Sorry Kym I dont know how long a donky can live up to!!
    I will ask my dad.

  3. Hi Kym, sorry you didn’t make school today because of the snow. Did you manage to do the Snowman challenge. If you did, can you try and post a picture for us?

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