Scottish Fire & Rescue Service – Water Safety

Following the tragic incident that occurred in Solihull on the 11th December, SFRS and other partners have been utilising all available communications methods to broadcast the dangers associated with playing on ice.

I am looking to see if schools can share this via global email mailing lists for parents and carers.

I have attached an electronic leaflet which provides information on water safety. Additional information can be obtained by clicking on the links within the leaflet or by scanning the QR codes.

I have also attached a poster which can be printed off and displayed on noticeboards/common areas. I appreciated the school term is nearly finished, however, the information within the leaflet and poster remains relevant throughout the year.

The links below also provide additional advice and guidance on what actions you should take if someone falls into water.

Cold water shock | Water Safety Scotland

SFRS – Water Safety Poster – DIGITAL

SFRS – Water Safety leaflet

Please distribute this information to any other groups you may have communication with and if there is any further advice or support you require, please feel free to get in touch.

Kind Regards
Steven Tilston
Watch Commander
Local Area Liaison Officer
Prevention and Protection East Lothian