Liams Hallowen story

I wote a great Halloween Story. Here is part of it:

The Boo Brothers

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Out came three ghosts. One of them had skinny arms and they all had a red bloody hat. They were all a wee bit fat. Their names were Trickow, Seakow and Weakow. They were in a group called the Boo brothers. They lived in a castle on top of a mountain.
“Hi! You said you needed some help with your ghost problem. So we are here to help you.”
“L…i…k…e who are you guys?”
“The Boo Brothers is our name. Catching ghosts is our game.”
When they got outside they heard gun shots. There was a man with a gun shooting the ghosts. Then he shot the Boo Brothers. Then they collapsed dead. Blood came out of them. Dun…Dun…..DUNNNNN!