Our favourite place
My thought for this week came to me as I walked my dog on Tyninghame beach- a regular occurrence on a Sunday morning. It is a glorious beach to walk in almost all weathers–an East coast haar being the exception when you can hardly see your hand on the end of your arm! Treacle loves it and will cool off by lying in the water up to his neck in sub-zero temperatures. It is something that sustains me through the week- but just in case, I have photographs similar to this one in both offices. I am one of those very lucky people who has always loved my job. I don’t find teaching stressful (most of the time) but it is certainly tiring and like most of us I appreciate the opportunity to recharge the batteries at the weekend.
So-what sustains you through the week (or weekend!)? A few people have commented- much to my surprise- that they have read this blog–so now I am challenging you to reply/comment. I would like to know what it is you do to unwind or chill out- indulge me.
Have a good week,
Lindy Lynn (and Treacle)