Apr 01 2021

After School Club

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After School Club will open on April 28th – June 24th on Wednesday and Thursdays only.

Wildside Nature Wednesdays:
Donald Malone from Wildside Nature will be joining Alexia for ten sessions, from April 28th – June 23rd . The mini-zoologists will be building bird houses and hammocks, baking bread twists, whittling, and fire lighting with hot choccy. Certificates will be awarded at the end.

Alexia and Hayley will run Thursday sessions. These will open from April 29th – June 24th Due to the warmer weather we will be mainly playing games outdoors.

Fees and Booking:
– Fees remain the same for both Wednesday and Thursday sessions
 £10 for 2:40pm – 5: 15pm;
 £9 for 3:15pm – 5:15pm;
 £4 for 2:40pm – 3:15pm.

Booking a Place:
Please feel free to book a place here, email humbieasc@gmail.com, or message me directly.
If you need to book your child for that day, please phone the school office to check if there is a place available. Due to insurance, we have a maximum of 11 places every session.

Kids will be given the option of a light snack as part of the club. This is just to keep them going before their tea and will take note of allergies. Please update the registration form with allergy information.

Registration Forms:
I will reissue a registration form to all kids. This will come home via school. Please could you update contact and allergy information and return to school.
August 2021 – June 2022

We hope to open from Monday – Thursday in August 2021 depending on demand. Let us know your thoughts on going forward.


Humbie After School Club is
a well established and well used club run within Humbie Primary School.

We offer sessions on arts and crafts, baking, sewing, knitting, gluing, den building and much, much more.  We have lots of games and encourage fair play and team spirit as well as fine motor skills games, a farm set, a soldier set, dressing up – it is always a hive of activity and the children really enjoy their afternoons.  

A healthy snack is always provided for the children.

After School Club is run by a qualified practitioner, a support worker and parent volunteers.

ASC is an affordable and flexible childcare that Humbie parents find invaluable.

We are registered with the Care Inspectorate.

For enquiries please phone the school office on 01875 833 247 or email