Humbie PTA exists to fundraise to help support our school. The PTA works closely with the parents and the school and nursery to raise extra funds to enrich our children’s learning. We rely on fundraising to raise money for lots of great stuff! We are also keen to foster a great community and school spirit.

The PTA support the school staff by offering their time and efforts to organise school and community events like the Fireworks Night, Humbie Winter Market, Burns Night, help out at community cafes, set off fireworks, bake cakes, make crafts and all manner of other duties!

We are here to support the children, the parents, the teachers and the community and to help make Humbie Primary School a wonderful place for everyone.

Humbie School & Nursery use money raised from the PTA to enrich the play and learning environment for all of our children.

What does the money pay for?
This academic year the school has asked us to help raise money for the following:

  • Major improvements, updates and changes in the nursery room
  • After school club (ASC is a charity)
  • The Heinemann maths scheme
  • School trips and transport

In the last few years we have helped raise money for:

  • Lots of new playground equipment including the basketball net, new space hoppers and other outdoor games and activities for both nursery and school
  • New books for our library
  • School trips
  • After School club


WHO’S IN THE PTA 2016-2017
   Helen Rawlinson 07967 754 727
Secretary   Tracy McCullagh 07734 081 578
Treasurer   Jennifer Edward 07801 700 952

Do you want to get involved or find out more? Do you have any brilliant ideas for fundraising?

To get in touch with any ideas/questions you can email or just speak to any one of us and we’ll do our best to help.

We also have a private Facebook page for parents where we share info, photos and ideas. Please ask another parent to invite you to our page at Humbie Nursery and primary school parents.


The minutes of the latest PTA meeting is linked below.  You’ll find information and actions in this documents. If you’d like to contribute anything after reading – suggestions or comments please just get in touch.

Minutes 4th December 2015



This is a super cool and easy way to help raise funds for our school just by shopping online in your usual way. Just go online, sign up (it’s very easy), download the reminder toolbar and just shop online as usual. Partner retailers will donate a percentage of what you spend to our cause at no cost to you at all.

We raised over £190 last academic year for free using Easyfundraising. Please share the cause page with your friends, family and colleagues. You don’t need to be a parent to support our school. If you would like a template email to send round to people you know just get in touch – we can provide you with one.