The fillming day.

On Wednesday we went to Greyfriers church to film our singing for Songs of praise.It was really boaring but it was a once in a lifetime chance.There was lots of colourd lights about the place and there was a smoke machine.There was know time for lunch because we had to keep singing, so we only had a snack.
We are going on the T.V on the 25th November (2008)
(“You better be watching us!”)

Sarah and kym

Keep Fit

Every Friday our school does keep fit.Sometimes the mums come and join in.We get into groups and do some activitys like skipping,squat thrust,shuttel runs and ball twists.

Orla says”I really enjoy keep fit,it makes you healthy”.
Anna says”It is really good fun.My favourite is shuttel runs.”


Halloween Fun


Halloween Fun


We had a Halloween fun afternoon as a reward for doing so well at the filming day yesterday:

Making masksApple dooking


A Few Jokes:

Q: What is a witches favourite subject at school?



Q: When is it bad luck to meet a black cat?

A: When you are a mouse!




The Great Outdoors

We love learning about maths outside:

Outdoor Maths 1

P1-3 enjoyed learning about number sequences. They used cones to help them.

Outdoor Maths 3

P4-7 used counting strategies to add and subtract thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. They used empty number lines to help them with their counting.

Outdoor Maths 3 

Happy hoppers are great at improving our ability to count forwards and backwards in multiples.  4 points a bounce!