Academy of Ideas has put two new videos and, whilst a little dry, they are reasonably reliable. I think these videos do show why Kierkegaard wrote the way he did. These super real life and super important ideas don’t quite ‘translate’ the more objective the description becomes. Which, of course, is a core idea in Kierkegaard’s work.

That said, for the exam you will need to examine in this sort of way whilst, at the same time, perhaps making clear that this approach is one with which Kieregaard himself would have had real and genuine concerns.

I like Peter Vardy’s Introduction to Kierkegaard. It is about the right level for IB Philosophy as well as explaining why Kierkegaard can very much be understood as a significant locus in the history of philosophy. Here are some questions I have prepared for my classes:

There are also two Nigel Warburton podcasts that are useful. One is Claire Carlisle talking about one of my favourite books Fear & Trembling. The other is Warburton’s precis of Either/Or.

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