The Revolution Will Be Televised

Great for testing your critical thinking skills:

So It’s a well known fact that if we got rid of the Queen, within a couple of years we’d be a communist state led by anarchists led by Ken Livingston.

Look at the French, they got rid of the Monarchy and they’re a bunch of Ar***oles. Do we want to be like the French?


We’ve got not not actual evidence that she is a witch, but then again we have no actual evidence that she is not a witch.

If you ask yourself why has The Sun witch-hunts against paedophiles, Muslims and Gypsies but never against actual witches? conspiracy theory?

Kevin Bridges on Religion

I don’t really know – you know the big debate between religion and science. Atheism’s becoming quite cool in 2010. The big debate between religion and science. I would always take religion, purely on a basic level. ‘Member at school -science was quite difficult… You had to read stuff and remember stuff, right…. wheras religious was a skive… just some guilt-ridden, middle aged woman reading passages from the bible in a class full of hyperactive adolescents that’s pissin’ themselves laughing at something that’s drawn on the blackboard…

I’d like to believe in something… you don’t just live, and then die and that’s it… I’d like to believe that there’s something bigger than this…It’s hard – ya think ‘where’s the evidence?’ – ‘If there’s a God why is there so much evil in the world, famine, corruption greed a’ that?’

Mebby you need to make your own theories… I’ve combined a bit of religion and a bit of atheism, and came to my own conclusions. Mebby God created the world, but then he fucked off… He’s God – he’s gonna have more than one property in he?

Mebby we’ve got the place to ourselves – we’ve got an empty! This is the world… and like all good empties it’s got a bit out of control… we’ve got terrorism, greed – mebby God’ll come back one day and go “look at the state of the place! Everbody out!”

You’ve got world leaders and corrupt bankers, people shuffling out the door saying “sorry – we never thought you were coming back mate…”