Yellow Woods Challenge

Innerwick Primary School is one of the schools within the East Lothian area who are taking part in the Yellow Woods Challenge.


This is an environmental competition run by Yellow Pages, working with the Woodland Trust and our local council.


The aim is to recycle the highest number of old Yellow Pages directories per pupil and win cash prizes for our school. And for every pound Yellow Pages awards to schools, they give a matching pound to the Woodland Trust.


When your new Yellow Pages directory is delivered, please help our school and the environment by recycling your old one. You can recycle the old Yellow Pages by placing it into your kerbside box, but before doing so, please take off the cover of the old one and bring it into school! 
If you do not have a kerbside recycling box, please just bring the whole of your Yellow Pages into school and we will place it into our recycling bags for collection.  
Please ask your family, friends, and community groups to help our school by donating their old directories, too.  

Thank you for your co-operation.



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