School Dinners from around the World

We are learning all about food in P3-4-5!  We want to know about school dinners from around the world.  We would like to know if anyone reading our blog is from another country or lives in another country.  Do you have school dinners?  What do you eat in school.  Thank you from all the boys and girls in P3-4-5!

2 thoughts on “School Dinners from around the World”

  1. Dear P 3-4-5
    What an interesting project to be doing.
    We are a class of year 1/2/3 children from New Zealand. We don’t have school dinners. Most children bring a packed lunch from home, or they can order food through the school office, which is then supplied by a local cafe.
    Our class is on holiday until October 11, but once the children are back at school we could take pictures showing you what the children bring in their lunch boxes.
    from Mrs McKenzie

  2. Dear P 3-4-5
    Today we made a post for you on our blog about lunches in our school. Follow the link on our name to read all about it!
    We wonder what you have for lunch at school?
    from Mrs McKenzie and B4

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