Get Going Programme

Let’s Get Going!

What is it?

Get Going is a new family healthy lifestyle programme, which aims to
encourage children to get active, eat well and work towards a healthy weight.

Who is it for?

The programme is offered by NHS Lothian and is available free of charge
to all Lothian families. It’s aimed at children aged 5 -18, who are overweight or obese, and their parents or carers.

Why is a healthy weight important for children?    

Children who are overweight tend to grow into overweight adults. A
healthy weight reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes,
osteoarthritis and some cancers. 

What happens at Get Going?

The programme starts with an individual consultation
for your whole family.  This is an opportunity to meet one of your Healthy Lifestyle Coaches, chat about Get Going and introduce some steps that you can take towards a healthier lifestyle. At this appointment, we’ll measure your child’s height and weight and will also ask you to complete a questionnaire. This will help us to track your progress as you move through the programme.

What does it involve?

Supported by our trained Healthy Lifestyle Coaches, Get Going will help you find ways to build healthy eating and physical activity into your family’s life.  We’ll help you introduce small changes that you can keep up for life. The emphasis is on fun, feeling good and making small realistic changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

Get Going is an 8 week programme:-

Session 1:       one-to-one consultation with your healthy lifestyle coach.

Sessions 2-7:  meet the rest of your small group.  At these sessions, you’ll get the chance to share ideas and children will take part in a fun activity
session.  The weekly topics are:

Week Family discussion topic Parent discussion topic
1 Traffic
light eating scheme
parenting, portion sizes
2 Physical
activity & screen time
family activity
3 Environment/stimulus
the environment, shopping, food labels
4 Eating
outside the home
lunches, lunch boxes, eating out
5 Tricky
situations, problem solving
parents can help with planning & problem solving
6 Revisiting
healthy eating advice
term targets

Session 8:       a follow up one-to-one between your family and your healthy lifestyle coach.

It doesn’t end there – we’ll keep in touch by telephone for any extra support you may need, and then invite you to a further follow-up after 6 months.  During this time, you’ll get discounted access to Enjoy Leisure facilities.

What changes will I be asked to make?

The changes that you choose to make are entirely up to
you and your family.  It’s important that you can incorporate any changes into your lifestyle and keep these up long-term.

We’ll introduce a healthier eating plan – a simple plan based on traffic lights that will help you to make healthier choices on a daily basis.  We’ll also help you to find ways to build more physical activity into your life and encourage you to cut down on time spent inactive.

It’ll be up to you to decide what you’d like to do but we’ll help you set goals and show you simple ways you can monitor your progress and reward your child for doing well.

What will Get Going help me to achieve?

The aim isn’t to lose lots of weight, but to give you the support you need to help your child achieve and maintain a healthier weight for life.  Some of the benefits we hope you’ll see are:

  • You’ll      learn ideas and tips for eating well
  • You’ll      start to enjoy a more active family life
  • Your      child will feel healthier and happier

How much does it cost?

The group sessions and one-to-one appointments with your coach are completely free.  

How do I register?

Children who are above a healthy weight can be referred to Get Going by
their GP, Health Visitor, school nurse/teacher or a professional. Parents can also register their child for the programme by contacting: 

Get Going Administrator

Telephone: 0131 536 0302


Or contact your local Child
Healthy Lifestyle Co-ordinator: –

Caroline Kaye

East Lothian Council, John Muir House

Tel: 01620 828 760

Mobile: 07530 311 852


More information and online registration forms are available at the Get
Going website: