Tomorrow we will experience…….

An inspirational and magical journey through Scottish stories of folklore and the storytelling tradition.

Featuring live traditional music.

Throughout Scotland, amongst the hills and heroes and history, there lurk many folktales of the past.  From the inspiration of Bruce’s Spider to the truth behind the Hairy Highland Haggis.
Find out just who the Fairies and Brownies were and just what the difference is between a Kelpie and a Selkie?  And should you trust any of them?  Oh… and of course featuring the true story of The Loch Ness Monster!

In a show that is part storytelling, part theatre but all fantastic fun, the actors bring the tales to life with music and merriment, allowing pupils to explore their literary heritage and develop their sense of cultural identity to become responsible global citizens.

@ Innerwick Primary School Wednesday 9th In school Hall. FREE TO ALL PUPILS