The Nursery having more fun in the snow

Last week the Nursery children had great fun playing in the first snowfall of this session. The first day, the snow was soft and fluffy and the children, helped by Mrs Laing, made a wonderful snowman sitting on our picnic table. The snowman then became a snow lady after his hat and scarf were taken home by one of the children. The snowlady remained outside and oversaw all the activities for the rest of the week. We enjoyed having “ice and spoon” races and then we had such fun trying to get a snowball off the step. It had melted to the step and we all tried to pull it off. We even tried to trick the teachers with it! We eventually managed to unstick it with lots of hot water. Ask your child to tell you about the snowball trick! We all laughed and laughed!

We hope that there will be lots of snow next week for more fun.

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