Treasure Island Adventures for P5/6/7

This Thursday, 24th January 2013, a member of Charades Theatre Company will be visiting P5/6/7 to tell them about the performance of Treasure Island that they will be performing in March, with other children from Stenton and West Barns schools. This musical, and a series of workshops, have been tailored to bring the wonders of the stage and theatre into school.

“From the first interactive warm-up exercises to the final performance (on 13th March) , Treasure Island will challenge and reward all those involved.”

As well as these workshops and the learning of several songs, the class will be undertaking other work and activities linked to Treasure Island and pirates. Last week, the class created a mind-map of activities they wished to cover on Thursday afternoons with Mrs Hood. We started by watching some of the 1950 Disney film of Treasure Island, which is available to view on You Tube.

We’ll ┬ákeep you posted on how our rehearsals are going and what other activities we are doing.

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