Chinese Lion Dance

As the culmination to our Chinese New Year topic, the children at Nursery today performed their own lion dance. First we watched some film clips of actual lion and dragon dances in China, and  we then chose instruments from the music box to create our own music.  The children had great fun trying on the lion head and being part of the body under the costume. Sadly now all the Chinese resources are being packed away until next year.


9 thoughts on “Chinese Lion Dance”

  1. Cristina: The Chinese Dragon dance was very wiggly.

    Natasha: Try to stay inside the dragon Mrs Hood!

    Sylvie: I enjoyed the dance!

    Jennifer: The clatters were very loud! I liked it.

    Kieran: It was very funny with Mrs Hood inside it.

    Coll: It was really good.

    Jess: The music was very chinesy.

    Ellie D: It was very cute

    Rory: You all did a good job!

    Brogan: It was funny and good.

    Daniel: It was fantastic.

  2. That was very cute i liked the bit were Mrs hood was in it and i really liked the band to it was fantasic.

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