PLEEEEASE leave a reply!

The staff very much enjoy sharing the children’s experiences and news with you on this site. What would make us really happy (and the children!) is if you could sometimes comment or leave a reply to let us know that parents, grandparents, pupils or friends are looking at our blog.

Thank you so much.

2 thoughts on “PLEEEEASE leave a reply!”

  1. I love checking out what’s been happening not just in the nursery but the whole school.
    Unfortunately when photos are shown through Photo Peach they do not show up on my computer – does anyone know how I can access these photos?

  2. Dear Innerwick Students,

    I know that it’s been a wee while now since I left Innerwick, but I keep having a look at your website to see what you are all up to. It looks like you are all still incredibly busy and the work that you are producing is amazing – keep it up.

    I’m now working in the School of Engineering at Edinburgh University so perhaps in a few years, I will see some of you budding engineers here!!

    Take care,


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