Diversity topic at Innerwick Nursery

The Diversity topic at present in our nursery called “being different, being the same” has developed into areas we would not have envisaged.  The children very much enjoyed watching Sheree, a Mongolian girl (Little Human Planet- you tube search) who builds a yurt with her family.  They came up with a list of differences and similarities between themselves and Sheree, such as her language and looks being different and having toys and running across a field being the same.  The yurt was of particular interest, after some discussion the class decided that the challenge for tomorrow will be to build a yurt over the house corner.  We will share the photos of our building and design effort very soon.

One thought on “Diversity topic at Innerwick Nursery”

  1. The yurt is looking great – I’m not sure what Sheree and her family in Mongolia would think, it may not withstand the extreme Mongolian climate but thanks to plenty of duct tape (MYTHBUSTERS discovery channel would be impressed) it should withstand 20 nursery children!
    Looking forward to seeing the photos.

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