Diversity topic in Nursery

The children at Innerwick Nursery have really enjoyed the Diversity topic called “Being different, being the same”. We started by talking about how we are all different but have the same needs. The children had the chance to bring in items from home that show how other people live around the world – our Diversity Show and Tell. We also watched Little Human Planet videos. The children were so inspired by Shoree the Mongolian girl who builds a yurt, they asked to build one too over the house corner. Some kind parents helped us with that, thank you! It was quite a challenge – lots of tape required. We played in the yurt, which by now was called Shoree’s Ger (The word used in Mongolia for yurt). Hope you enjoy the photos of the children playing and showing their items from home. Well done children for being so enthusiastic and as always having so much fun whilst learning.

Diversity Topic on PhotoPeach

Diversity Topic on PhotoPeach

4 thoughts on “Diversity topic in Nursery”

  1. I have loved learning about people around the world from all the wonderful items you have brought in from home. We have all learned so much through this topic and I hope that we continue to notice and recognise being different is a wonderful thing to be.

  2. Best video so far – LOVED the Yurt/Ger and apparently I’m building one in our garden this summer.

    Some really super pictures of the class!

  3. This sounds as though it has been an amazing topic. I think you must have learned a lot about different cultures and people around the world. I bet you learned more about yourselves too! Well done!

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