CfE Provision Sheets – Early Level

Below are the ten CfE (Curriculum for Excellence) provision sheets currently used in nursery. Acting on a parent’s recommendation made at the recent Innerwick Nursery Information Evening, we attach these for parents/carers to access and assess. These ten sheets are designed to highlight the potential cross curricular learning for each area of provision in a nursery room. The learning experiences and outcomes from A Curriculum for Excellence (Early level) that children usually encounter during free flow play and planned activities within each provision area are shown. We hope parents and carers find these informative. Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions about these sheets and their use.

CfE prov. 1 (nature & pets)
CfE prov. 2 (snack)
CfE prov. 3 (sand & water)
CfE prov. 4 (role play)
CfE prov. 5 (literacy)
CfE prov. 6 (gross motor)
CfE prov. 7 (craft)
CfE prov. 8 (con & games)
CfE prov. 9 (ICT)
CfE prov. 10 (music & dance)