P3/4 Sponsored Hockey Dribble

Over two afternoons, P3 and P4 children have been taking part in a sponsored hockey dribble to raise money for the school’s charity for this year, LifeStraws.
In groups, the children first measured and then created a 50m course through which to dribble their hockey ball. Each child was then responsible for keeping track of their distance by recording each 50m dribble they completed. Everyone’s total distance was then added up and this amount is going towards a national challenge, organised by Scottish Hockey, of completing 9,828km, which is the journey from Delhi (where the last Commonwealth Games were held in 2010) to Glasgow (this year’s host city for the Commonwealth Games). As a school, we agreed to dribble 7,838m which is a figure based on the area of Scotland.

All children completed the challenge with great skill and enthusiasm (even in the heavy rain showers and the extremely long grass!), and already some sponsor money is being returned. Please return all sponsor money to the School Office before the end of May. We will let you know how much the class manage to raise for LifeStraws.
Thanking parents, relatives and friends for their kind donations to this worthwhile cause.

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2 thoughts on “P3/4 Sponsored Hockey Dribble”

  1. Even though the rain came down at times, it seems you all had a lot of fun and knowing you are helping to raise money for others less fortunate than yourselves must be a good feeling!! WELL DONE

  2. Well done, everyone. Keeping fit, doing some number work and raising money for Lifestraws!

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