Nursery Research Project

The active research phase is going extremely well. We are now halfway through. First we tested a method called Plan-do-review with the children. They had the chance to give feedback when attending an interview with myself last Thursday. The results are very interesting and show that a high majority of children enjoyed using the Plan-do-review sheets to plan, do and review their play. We wish to share these results with you, so please click on the attachment below to open up the document.
This week we made a start on the second planning method to be tested called Map-do-review. This started with a process called ‘mapping’. Children take photos of the nursery environment and then use the photos to create a large map of the nursery (inside and out). Children will use the map to plan their play intentions and then after implementing these, they will review in much the same way as with the Plan-do-review method. We do hope you find this information useful and interesting.
Please note if there are any parent/carers in the school who have not seen the first part of the Research Dissertation and wish to, please either let Lindsay know and I will email it to you or come to the nursery where we have a copy you can borrow.

Plan-do-review Interview Results