Windsocks and Ceilidh Dancing with P1/2!

P1/2 worked together to make windsocks as part of their Weather project. Mrs Hood was pleased to see everyone helping each other with the trickier jobs of cutting pieces of tape, string and ribbon, and tying strong knots. Great teamwork and lots of fabulous designs! The children then had much enjoyment trying their windsocks outside. The overall verdict was that they were “amazing”!

The class also enjoyed their trip up to the Village Hall to perform two dances and a Scottish song to the older members of the local community. Their wonderful dancing skills and cheery faces as they sang out loudly and clearly were much appreciated by everyone present. Well done P1/2!

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One thought on “Windsocks and Ceilidh Dancing with P1/2!”

  1. Well done, P1/2.
    Your windsocks were very colourful and you had great fun using them.
    Our guests really enjoyed your singing and dancing.

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