The Stripy Party – a creative process

The children in nursery have been planning an event for a puppet called Stripy who sometimes sings and moves with the children.  They wished to give him a party, and decided he would be four years old.  It was decided that everyone should wear as many stripes as they could to the party, eat a stripy snack and make puppet friends for Stripy to meet. We would also share our puppets and creative skills with Hazel Darwin-Edwards, a professional puppeteer.

We wish to thank Hazel for sharing her creative ideas with us and for bringing her puppets to the party.  The children were extremely creative throughout the whole process and thoroughly enjoyed the Stripy Party.

Creativity in nursery – Stripy Party on PhotoPeach

2 thoughts on “The Stripy Party – a creative process”

  1. Thank you for these great pictures. It really captures what a fantastic day we had together. I received such a warm welcome from everyone, and I am very impressed at the creative and thoughtful planning that went in from an excellent staff team and from some wonderfully enthusiastic children. It really feels like there is genuine cause for celebration in Innerwick Primary School, who have shown us their true stripes (and we love them.)

  2. Great photos! Thank you for asking us parents along to be part of the stripy party, it was great fun! Well done everyone

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