Book Week November 2015

During Book Week Scotland (23rd – 27th November), children throughout the school took part in lots of book-related activities. Some of these were:
• Visiting Dunbar Library and learning how the books are organised, and given the opportunity to borrow a book to read at home.
• Dressing up as a character from a book.
• Sharing our favourite books with our classmates.
• Discussing the features of a book.
• Enjoying lots of stories together – some of them read and some of them listened to.
• Parents sharing their favourite books during a whole school story-telling session.
• Buying lots of books from the Scholastic Book Fair which was held in school all week. Thank you for your support. With the commission, we have been able to purchase new books for each classroom, and some sets of readers for different reading levels.
• Choosing our own books to read for homework each night this week.
• And much more…..!