Hunting for Minibeasts with the Countryside Ranger – 1st June 2016

Today Brian, the Countryside Ranger, came and joined us for Nature Play. He told us about the different woodland animals that may visit the larger wood, and then helped us to look for some minibeasts. We shook a tree and collected the minibeasts which fell off on to a white sheet underneath. We then used our magnifying glasses to look at the creatures more closely. We had fun trying to use stethoscopes to listen to the trees drinking up water. We also tried listening to our own heartbeats.

We managed to find lots of minibeasts hiding under the log seats – beetles, slugs, woodlice, spiders, millipedes and worms. We then enjoyed celebrating Olivia’s birthday with a slice a cake in the little wood, before returning to Nursery.

Thank you, Brian, for sharing your knowledge with us today.

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