P7 Camp

Well, camp was a great success! Here are some comments and photos that capture the week.

Camp Thoughts & Review

Definitely worth coming to camp. Great activities and fab to do things you haven’t done before like kayaking or abseiling.            Harry

I have really enjoyed camp. I have made lots of new friends like Euan and Taylor. The food is really tasty – my favourite was the pasta.            Coll

I have loved the camp. The beds are comfy and you get a good night’s sleep. The best activity I think was the Zip Wire and I climbed to the top of a huge tree.             Guy.

I am really looking forward to today because I have the best activities left – mountain biking and zip wire. I can’t wait!   I tried some awesome new food honey chicken and rice. Delicious.          Logan.

I think camp has been really fun and exciting. All the activities have been great. Everyone should go to camp. You don’t want to miss out.                     Heidi

Camp is amazing. The best bit was meeting new friends. The beds are really comfy. I would recommend camp to all the P6’s.              Brogan

10/10. The camp is amazing. Do not miss it. I have made loads of new friends. The dorm rooms are different sizes but they are all comfy. It is way better than Dounan’s.          Natasha

It has been a great time. I’m so glad we got to go to camp. It has been brilliant fun. The activities are all really fun and here is something that everyone will enjoy. The food is really good, especially the honey chicken and rice. Yummy.         Sasha

I have loved the camp. Being away from school with your friends is so, so much fun and you make lots of new friends as well. The activities are fun. And although it was cold in the water, kayaking is brilliant because you get to jump in! The rooms are comfy, the showers are nice and the food is super. You’d be mad to miss camp!        Isabel.

Camp has been brilliant. It has been good to be in different dorms and activity groups from my normal Innerwick friends because it helps you make loads of new friends. I now know loads of new friends that I’ll see again in secondary school. And, I got to relax with everyone at free time. Beds are comfy (Mr Cain had to wake our dorm up two mornings) and the food is great and there is plenty. Activities are brilliant. I’m so glad I went.          Rory

19 thoughts on “P7 Camp”

  1. Camp was so much fun I really enjoyed it! My favourite activity was the abseiling and mountain biking I want to go again soon!

  2. My favourite part of camp was…

    Meeting new friends and trying all new food and activities.
    My very favourite thing was Zip wiring … Because it was really exciting being able to see over the treetops. 😀 Harry

  3. Brilliant everyone enjoyed the camp and made new friends, the food must have been great for everyone to comment and I agree the pictures are fab;)

  4. I think by looking at all the pictures it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for the kayaking. I’m probably going to fall in! ???

  5. I am really looking forward for the mountain biking. But I am also looking forward for the kayaking I hope I don’t lose my shoe like Isabel did! Can’t wait wish it was tomorrow!

  6. It looked like every one was having fun at camp and the activities looked great. I’m looking forward to the tree climb and kayaking!!! : ) : )


  7. my favourite bit was making lots of new friends and my favourite activity was the challange course and the zip wire

  8. My favourite activities were mountain biking and the zip wire. The food was really tasty. My favourite was honey chicken and sticky toffee pudding.

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