The Map-do-review Method

The nursery team recently hosted a training session on methods for consulting young children, held for East Lothian Early learning and Childcare staff. Mrs Sarah Laing gave a presentation on the Map-do-review method alongside a colleague from East Lothian Council, Mrs Wendy Hardie, who discussed the Floorbook approach. The nursery team would like to share the Map-do-review presentation. It may be of special interest to children who attended Nursery during 2013-2014, and helped to create the method and to current nursery children and their families.
To view the presentation please click on the link below.


3 thoughts on “The Map-do-review Method”

  1. Sarah, this looks like an excellent project with the children at the centre, and showing a depth of capability that otherwise may be missed. All EY practice, of supporting each child is of course embedded, but planning can be topic based and some quiet watchful children may rarely share their ideas and experiences as ‘want to do’. I love that this opens doors for each blossoming child to make decisions for themselves – and the way that the ‘plans’ do not overtake the ‘play’.

  2. Mrs Laing. Just went through your map presentation with Cara. She is very impressed that the children in nursery are still playing the card game involving Adventure Ted!

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