P1/2/3 Visit to The Hirsel

P1/2/3 had a great trip to the Hirsel earlier this month. The class were split into two groups, and each group had the opportunity to make kale soup and oatcakes, and also practise their mapping skills outside around the Hirsel Estate. They also learned about the different kinds of farming in Scotland and  the food produced around Scotland.

Thank you to Sally and Pauline from the Hirsel, who looked after us so well during our visit.

One thought on “P1/2/3 Visit to The Hirsel”

  1. I thought it was really good – Eilidh
    I thought the soup tasted delicious! – Pree
    I liked making the oatcake – Ben
    I loved doing the mapping – Anders
    The soup was very good – Rose
    I liked seeing the sweetcorn growing in the field – Isla

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