P7 Camp

Well – we are just back from another rip-roaring success at P7 camp. Weather was decent (no rain), accommodation and activities were fabulous as usual. Food was good and all the pupils had a great time and made some new friends. All in all, a super week. Here it is in their own words

Jack – I liked the zip-line and crate stacking best but when I was doing the zip-line I was quite anxious because you jump off a very high platform. Our dorm was loud (because of Bradley!) but great fun. My favourite food was strawberry shortcake.

Kate- My favourite activity was the ropes course with lots of tyres, nets and climbing areas to get past. My least favourite was the challenge course because we spilt the water and broke the egg. I made new friends – Emma, Amilie and Sophie from East Linton.

Leyna – I really enjoyed camp! My dorm was really fun but the first night we could not get to sleep we were so excited,. I made 6 new friends. The food was ok. My favourite activity was the zip-wire (I took a video while I was on it)and the crate climb.

Oliver – My favourite activities were canoeing (doing the Titanic was really fun) and mountain biking ()whizzing across rough ground was exciting). I liked the breakfasts and most of the main mails were good too (didn’t like the pizza though). The friends I made were Finley, Struan and Charlie.

Holly – I had a lot of fun. I don’t really like heights but I was still able to do the zip-wire and abseiling. I was really proud of myself. The dorm I was in was great and I made new friends from other schools who I will look out for at transition events.

Erika – Camp was really fun and I loved all the activities! I did miss home a bit but everyone was having a great time so I didn’t miss it too bad. I made new friends – Allie and Phaedra. We had the tidiest dorm so we won a pencil from the teachers.

Bradley – It was brilliant at camp. The activities were all great and usually very exciting. My favourites were zip-wire and mountain biking. The food was very good (especially the deserts!) I got very tired and all my dorm had to be wakened up by Mr Cain in the mornings.

Imogen – Camp was great. There were loads of fun activities – I liked them all – Challenge Course, zip-wire and archery the best. I made new friends , especially the girls in my dorm – Sophie, Amilie, Emma and Ella from East Linton. The food was good, but especially the pasta and key lime pie.

Kelly – The best activity I did was crate climbing but I wish we got longer to do it all. I also really enjoyed canoeing because that was my first time doing it. I made 9 new friends at camp – they were really nice and funny. The dorm was comfy and my room-mates were nice and not too crazy!

16 thoughts on “P7 Camp”

  1. I think I would like to do the crate climb best because I mean you are building with crates. I hope every one had a good time and so do the p6 next year.????????

  2. I’m really looking forward to the canoeing ( especially after the kayaking trip!) Also the zip wire looks amazing! ⛺️⛺️⛺️???

  3. Erin is really looking forward to p7 camp.she is mostly looking forward to having a shot on the zip wire and the mountain biking.she is looking forward to making new friends also.

  4. Camp was so fun and I am so happy I made 3 really good friends i am so excited for high school on the transitions⭐️✨⭐️✨⭐️✨⭐️???

  5. What I liked best was all of it but I think canoeing was really good. But l did not enjoy was getting woken up with a wet face cloth!???????plus there was lots of cows near ??????????????????????????????and the food was quite good yummy

  6. I really enjoyed the zip wire and archery they were both really fun and all P6s should go next year!!! THANK YOU MR CAIN ????

  7. i had a really good time at camp, my favourite activity was crate climbing but i wish we got a longer shot to do it.

  8. I really enjoyed camp. My favourite activities were crate climb and mountain biking but I really enjoyed all of the activities! I made a lot of friends. I would like to go back and all p6s should go ??????????

  9. My favourite activities were the zipline, ropes course and crate climb but all the activities were just as good. Camp was very euphoric. I recommend camp to all the P6’s!!!

  10. I really want to go to P7 camp it looks ssssssoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUN ????????????. I can’t wait to go next year Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee??????????????????????????????!!!!!!!! 🙂

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