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Community Warden, Zoo Bus, Ceilidh, P7 Transition & Dogs Trust – Phew!!

What a week – so much crammed in. On Tuesday, Callum and Jimmy, two of the local community wardens came in to tell us all about anti-social behaviour. Hopefully we knew all about how to behave properly when outside school but it was a good reminder nevertheless. On Wednesday, we held a whole school art lesson to decorate the glass jars we had all brought in. We helped the young ones do theirs too. On Thursday the P7’s had a transition event up at Dunbar Primary school and Edinburgh Zoo’s “Wild About Scotland” double-decker bus paid us a visit. And we had the Ceilidh up at the village hall. Despite a couple of technical hitches everyone did brilliantly! And finally today the Dogs Trust came in to tell us about Greyfriar’s Bobby (although we showed we already knew quite a bit about him). ……… And of course we had to cram all the usual stuff in too. Know wonder everyone is tired out this week!

P5/6/7 Weekly Update

Hi everyone. Here is the weekly update from the P5/6/7 class.  It was another packed week! We finished of our angles work this week and had an assessment to see how much we had learned. In language we continued with our handwriting, grammar, spelling, writing and reading. We are getting better at our Scottish country dancing as we are doing  it twice a week. And of course, our daily run is always on – even in the rain!

We had a visit from some members of the P3/4/5 class who put on a lovely performance of a book they had been reading. They were very good.

We also learned about the life and works of Charles Rennie-Mackintosh and have started to try and copy his style in our own art. We’ll finish it next week though. And we have continued to work on our Sharing Assembly that we will show to the rest of the school. It will concentrate on the famous Scots that we chose to learn more about.

Another week in P5/6/7

Another busy week in P5/6/7. We have got our A.R. targets and are eagerly working towards our class target. We have all started new group novels as well so it has been an exciting week on the reading front. We have continued with our Big Writing and worked hard on our spelling as well. In maths we are learning more about angles, measuring, drawing and calculating them. In our Scottish topic we  put the finishing touches to our own coat-of-arms. We have also researched some famous Scottish personalities and have begun to create presentations on them with the emphasis being on making the presentations “entertaining”.  We will use these as the basis for our P5/6/7 sharing assembly to the rest of the school.  And in our daily run we have managed to get everyone participating to achieve the 20 laps. Fantastic performance!


Back with a bang!

2016 has started and P5/6/7 have started back with a new teacher! However some things just stay the same – hard work! We have been doing spelling, trying out our words on people’s backs. We have completed new Star Reader assessments to help us more accurately choose our AR books. In maths we have started learning about angles and we tried our hand at writing personal recounts – “our most memorable day at school”.  We started our Scotland topic by looking at the important physical features of Scotland and thinking about Scottish heraldry.  We started the daily run too. We are going to try and run a mile every Mon -Thu. Yes, even Mr Cain and he’s old!!