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Nursery Graduation

We hope that as many Nursery parents/carers/friends/grandparents will join us in the Nursery classroom this Thursday for our Graduation Ceremony at 11am.
This will be an opportunity to say farewell to our 10 Pre-school children who will be leaving us and taking their next big step in their school careers. We will also be singing some of our favourite songs and showing you a slideshow of some of the many events that have taken place over the year at Nursery.

Diversity Show and Tell


We would like to thank the children and their families for all the wonderful items brought in from home showing diversity around the world. Each child was extremely proud to show their family’s contribution. Sometimes it was their item and sometimes their parent/carers. They shared information about the item, a photo was taken and then this was added to the big wall map.
Children asked many inquiring questions and their enthusiasm for knowledge has been quite astounding. We have items on the map from 25 countries. We had: Cuban drums, Russian dolls, a Native American head-dress, Mayan writing, Arabic money, sand from the Seychelles, a Japanese doll, Egyptian artefacts etc….. The list goes on and on.
This was truly a community effort which the children really benefited from. Our understanding of the world, the countries in it and the different ways people live has developed throughout this project.
Thank you everyone for making this a wonderful learning experience for us all.  Families – If you don’t find your show and tell photo on this slideshow try the one from a few weeks back.

Our Diversity show and tell kept on going on PhotoPeach


Healthy teeth

Josephine returned to our nursery today to remind the ante preschool children about the importance of brushing their teeth every day. This time she brought Monty the dog with her, and all the children had the chance to brush his teeth with the giant toothbrush. We should now all have lovely sparkly smiles after brushing our teeth correctly!

Time to brush your teeth, Monty! on PhotoPeach

Pre-schoolers have fun with P1/2

The pre-school children, who are starting P1 in August, spent some time in the P1/2 classroom this morning meeting their new classmates and the staff who work there. They all had fun exploring and trying out the different activities in the room, and were sad when it was time to return to Nursery.
Thank you to P1/2 for being so friendly and kind to the Nursery children. They can’t wait to come back and visit you all again soon!

Sadly the photo of our happy faces in P1/2 is too big to upload onto the blog. Sorry.

Clubgolf with P3/4/5

Golf 30.04.13 on PhotoPeach

The children from P3 , P4 and P5 have all enjoyed learning to play golf this term with Mrs Hood. We have had four VERY windy practice sessions, but everyone did really well to perfect their driving, chipping and putting techniques. Sadly we were unable to use much of the flags and other aiming equipment as they just blew away or blew over in the strong winds.
Today (2nd May) Kate Green, the Golf Development Officer, came to school and set up a mini course for us to play on. We worked in teams of 3 to try to take as few shots as possible to get our ball in the hole. Some of us managed to score birdies! Well done to everyone for taking part and for working well together as a team.
I do hope some of you will take up the offer of golf coaching at Dunbar later this term or over the summer holidays. Letters should have come home with the golfers today. Speak to Lindsay in the Office or Miss Heatherill if you require another copy.

P5/6/7 News

P5-6-7 is learning about The World.
We have just finished learning about how Scotland was created.
We are going to learn about the impact humans have on the world.
By Ben and Finn P5

Our Spring Walk

The Nursery children enjoyed a very blustery walk around the school grounds today looking for signs of Spring. Our walk had to be postponed from the end of last term due to sleet showers and the late arrival of Spring.

We managed to find lots of Spring clues using our senses. We photographed them and brought some back into the classroom to talk about and look at more closely.

Hope you like the new header photograph at the top of the blog page!

Nursery Red Nose Day

We all had a fun Red Nose Day at Nursery today.
We dressed in red clothes.
We brought in lots of coins to cover a giant red nose.
We hunted for ten red noses hidden around the classroom.
We did some crazy dancing in the hall.
We decorated some red nose biscuits.
We enjoyed Duncan’s homemade red nose biscuits for snack.
We went to the whole school Red Nose Assembly to learn how our money will help children living in Africa.
We are all exhausted now (staff included)!Mrs Hood is still busy counting up all the pennies! UPDATE We managed to raise the amazing total of £30.53. Extremely well done, considering there were only 14 children at Nursery that day.
Thank you to all the boys and girls who helped to make it so much fun and raise money for a worthwhile cause.