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Transitioning to the 1140 Expansion of Hours at Innerwick Early Years Setting

The setting held a very successful Open Session for our families on Monday the 25th March. Mr Taylor and Mrs Laing shared information on the process of change to date and a PowerPoint demonstrating how content and confident the Early Years children had been during the transition to the 1140 hours. Please view the PowerPoint below and find out for yourself how well the children coped and embraced change. We wish to thank the parents for their partnership work with practitioners, making the whole experience a success for their children.

1140 Extension of hour pp

Innerwick Early Years – Setting of Innovation and Impact 2018

Innerwick Early Years Team are delighted and proud to have been selected as a Setting of Innovation and Impact 2018 by The Scottish Government. We are one of six settings in Scotland chosen from more than 70 applications. Staff will work with The Scottish Government’s ELC Quality Team from January 2019 to share their play-based pedagogical approach nationally. Please read and learn about some of the play-based development work and view our submission of evidence to The Scottish Government. Furthermore we also wish to share the Improvement Plan for the coming year 2018-2019.

ELC Quality innovation-impact survey Aug 18
Innerwick’s Loose Parts Journey 17-18
Froebel A1 poster S. Laing
NIP- Innerwick- 2018-2019 final

Early Years Bake Sale for Children in Need

Children, staff and parents collaborated and cooperated together to bake, make and purchase muffins and popcorn, to raise funds for Children in Need. There had been baking sessions in the early years setting during the week, supported by parent helpers. Freshly baked muffins were brought in by some parents and staff. The children worked hard in their shop keeper roles on the bake stall and took this task very seriously, embracing being part of the wider school community. In total 148 muffins and 33 bags of popcorn were sold, and a grand total of £104.73 was made. Thank you so much for all the help, extra baking and purchasing.

Stripy the Puppet – The Article is Published

I am delighted to share the article, Creative skills in practice: a creative process, which has recently been published in a new Care Inspectorate document, My Creative Journey. The article, on pages 27-28, describes the nursery children’s enthusiasm planning a party for Stripy, the nursery puppet, in February 2015. Sadly the photos I sent the Care Inspectorate were not used, so I attach the original slideshow which I shared at the Starcatchers’ conference in April 2015, showing many lovely photos of the children involved in creativity. Enjoy!
Stripy the puppet, a creative process

The Map-do-review Method

The nursery team recently hosted a training session on methods for consulting young children, held for East Lothian Early learning and Childcare staff. Mrs Sarah Laing gave a presentation on the Map-do-review method alongside a colleague from East Lothian Council, Mrs Wendy Hardie, who discussed the Floorbook approach. The nursery team would like to share the Map-do-review presentation. It may be of special interest to children who attended Nursery during 2013-2014, and helped to create the method and to current nursery children and their families.
To view the presentation please click on the link below.


“We Dance, Wee Groove” experience in Nursery

Last week we were very lucky to have some special visitors to our nursery. Brian Hartley, Tara and Mark came and spent a morning with us. They put on Brian’s creative dance show, “We Dance, Wee Groove”, which will be showing at the Churchill Theatre in Edinburgh from 15th to 17th May. They came all the way to Innerwick Primary to put on a private performance for us. Children and adults jumped about and grooved to an 80’s soundtrack, whilst pretending to be spacemen, sharks and superheroes. We kept dancing for an hour and had a truly exhilarating time, exploring different ways of moving creatively and expressing feelings and emotions with our bodies.

The Stripy Party – a creative process

The children in nursery have been planning an event for a puppet called Stripy who sometimes sings and moves with the children.  They wished to give him a party, and decided he would be four years old.  It was decided that everyone should wear as many stripes as they could to the party, eat a stripy snack and make puppet friends for Stripy to meet. We would also share our puppets and creative skills with Hazel Darwin-Edwards, a professional puppeteer.

We wish to thank Hazel for sharing her creative ideas with us and for bringing her puppets to the party.  The children were extremely creative throughout the whole process and thoroughly enjoyed the Stripy Party.

Creativity in nursery – Stripy Party on PhotoPeach

Nursery Research Project

Results from the 2nd round of interviews between the nursery children and The Researcher.   The children were interviewed on the 2nd participatory method – ‘Map-do-review’.  Attached are the results, please click on the link below.  The results were slightly less favourable than those for the first method ‘Plan-do-review’ (link for that evidence attached below for comparison).  However, it is evident they did enjoy using the map, making the plans and acting on them and have some understanding of how the map helped them.  All the children will receive their own research evidence as a booklet after the summer holidays.  I thank the children for their input as research participants, their honesty with answers and enthusiasm when using the two methods.  Mrs S. Laing

Map-do-review Interview Results

Plan-do-review Interview Results