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“We Dance, Wee Groove” experience in Nursery

Last week we were very lucky to have some special visitors to our nursery. Brian Hartley, Tara and Mark came and spent a morning with us. They put on Brian’s creative dance show, “We Dance, Wee Groove”, which will be showing at the Churchill Theatre in Edinburgh from 15th to 17th May. They came all the way to Innerwick Primary to put on a private performance for us. Children and adults jumped about and grooved to an 80’s soundtrack, whilst pretending to be spacemen, sharks and superheroes. We kept dancing for an hour and had a truly exhilarating time, exploring different ways of moving creatively and expressing feelings and emotions with our bodies.

The Stripy Party – a creative process

The children in nursery have been planning an event for a puppet called Stripy who sometimes sings and moves with the children.  They wished to give him a party, and decided he would be four years old.  It was decided that everyone should wear as many stripes as they could to the party, eat a stripy snack and make puppet friends for Stripy to meet. We would also share our puppets and creative skills with Hazel Darwin-Edwards, a professional puppeteer.

We wish to thank Hazel for sharing her creative ideas with us and for bringing her puppets to the party.  The children were extremely creative throughout the whole process and thoroughly enjoyed the Stripy Party.

Creativity in nursery – Stripy Party on PhotoPeach

Nursery Research Project

Results from the 2nd round of interviews between the nursery children and The Researcher.   The children were interviewed on the 2nd participatory method – ‘Map-do-review’.  Attached are the results, please click on the link below.  The results were slightly less favourable than those for the first method ‘Plan-do-review’ (link for that evidence attached below for comparison).  However, it is evident they did enjoy using the map, making the plans and acting on them and have some understanding of how the map helped them.  All the children will receive their own research evidence as a booklet after the summer holidays.  I thank the children for their input as research participants, their honesty with answers and enthusiasm when using the two methods.  Mrs S. Laing

Map-do-review Interview Results

Plan-do-review Interview Results


Nursery Research Project

The active research phase is going extremely well. We are now halfway through. First we tested a method called Plan-do-review with the children. They had the chance to give feedback when attending an interview with myself last Thursday. The results are very interesting and show that a high majority of children enjoyed using the Plan-do-review sheets to plan, do and review their play. We wish to share these results with you, so please click on the attachment below to open up the document.
This week we made a start on the second planning method to be tested called Map-do-review. This started with a process called ‘mapping’. Children take photos of the nursery environment and then use the photos to create a large map of the nursery (inside and out). Children will use the map to plan their play intentions and then after implementing these, they will review in much the same way as with the Plan-do-review method. We do hope you find this information useful and interesting.
Please note if there are any parent/carers in the school who have not seen the first part of the Research Dissertation and wish to, please either let Lindsay know and I will email it to you or come to the nursery where we have a copy you can borrow.

Plan-do-review Interview Results

Innerwick Nursery’s Nature Play

WEEK 2 PHOTOS NOW ADDED – see below.

We went to the woodland today for our first Nature Play session of 2014. The children, staff and helpers all had so much fun exploring and investigating within the woodland. We made muddy mess, collected leaves and pine cones for transient art pictures, searched for minibeasts, poured and watched water run across the paths, used the woodland puppets for role play scenarios and built a wonderful den for playing in. After a good session of free play, we all enjoyed a well-earned snack in the den. The wind got up and we enjoyed listening to the tarpaulin sides shake and rattle. We all felt very cosy in our den. The 1.5 hours went by so quickly, we wished we could have stayed out all day. More fun next week though!

Nature Play – Week 1 on PhotoPeach

Nature Play Week 2 on PhotoPeach

Progress of Nursery Improvements

The nursery staff wish to share with parents/carers and all other stakeholders a document that guides the formation of the Innerwick Nursery Improvement Plan. This document shows all sources of improvements identified during the last academic session. The Nursery team have recently updated this document to show which areas are on-going, completed or still require attention. We thought it may be interesting for parents/carers to see the progress of our improvements. Please click on link.
Improvement ideas – sources – 13-14 updated

Transient Art at Innerwick Nursery – Beach/Sea Topic

The children had the opportunity to create transient art pictures using a collection of shells, driftwood, seaweed and sand. Before expressing their own thoughts and feelings, the children had the opportunity to explore the shells and reflect upon their use in this creative process. The children made a clown, a beach, a smiley face, a dinosaur who wanted to eat the princess being designed on the opposite side of the table and many loved family members. We hope you agree that these creations are truly individual and show the imaginative ability of three and four year olds!

Transient Art – Beach/Sea topic on PhotoPeach

CfE Provision Sheets – Early Level

Below are the ten CfE (Curriculum for Excellence) provision sheets currently used in nursery. Acting on a parent’s recommendation made at the recent Innerwick Nursery Information Evening, we attach these for parents/carers to access and assess. These ten sheets are designed to highlight the potential cross curricular learning for each area of provision in a nursery room. The learning experiences and outcomes from A Curriculum for Excellence (Early level) that children usually encounter during free flow play and planned activities within each provision area are shown. We hope parents and carers find these informative. Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions about these sheets and their use.

CfE prov. 1 (nature & pets)
CfE prov. 2 (snack)
CfE prov. 3 (sand & water)
CfE prov. 4 (role play)
CfE prov. 5 (literacy)
CfE prov. 6 (gross motor)
CfE prov. 7 (craft)
CfE prov. 8 (con & games)
CfE prov. 9 (ICT)
CfE prov. 10 (music & dance)