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Nursery’s Beach and Sea Topic

The Beach and Sea topic is going down a storm!!
Today in Nursery the children added driftwood, kindly brought in by a child to our Innerwick Sea (the water tray!). We found some big sharks to add in alongside the small fish. Let’s hope they swim nicely together! We also read two lovely books brought in from home by children, Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae and The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson. The children sat very still with full attention for these stories and asked many inquiring questions. We made a bit of a mess yesterday when some of the seaweed added to the Innerwick Sea produced lots of strands of glue. We couldn’t decide if the children were amazed or outraged by the gluey mess. More fishy fun to come.

Nature Play at Innerwick Nursery

The eight sessions of Nature Play in our little woodland are finished now. We would love to share this slideshow with you. The children had so much fun in the wood, their confidence growing weekly with their physical and creative ability. They made creations with clay and transient art items, collecting more natural objects to add interest. They climbed about every tree they could find, made many mud pies and ‘rivers’ of water (their concept) being favourite occupations. Snack under a different den each week was a highlight – everyone hungry after a good adventure. The children had spirit, determination and enthusiasm throughout, even when it was freezing. We thank the children for their positive attitude and also send a huge thank you to all our parent/carer helpers who helped in the wood/class.
Nature Play Fun on PhotoPeach

Diversity topic in Nursery

The children at Innerwick Nursery have really enjoyed the Diversity topic called “Being different, being the same”. We started by talking about how we are all different but have the same needs. The children had the chance to bring in items from home that show how other people live around the world – our Diversity Show and Tell. We also watched Little Human Planet videos. The children were so inspired by Shoree the Mongolian girl who builds a yurt, they asked to build one too over the house corner. Some kind parents helped us with that, thank you! It was quite a challenge – lots of tape required. We played in the yurt, which by now was called Shoree’s Ger (The word used in Mongolia for yurt). Hope you enjoy the photos of the children playing and showing their items from home. Well done children for being so enthusiastic and as always having so much fun whilst learning.

Diversity Topic on PhotoPeach

Diversity Topic on PhotoPeach

Diversity topic at Innerwick Nursery

The Diversity topic at present in our nursery called “being different, being the same” has developed into areas we would not have envisaged.  The children very much enjoyed watching Sheree, a Mongolian girl (Little Human Planet- you tube search) who builds a yurt with her family.  They came up with a list of differences and similarities between themselves and Sheree, such as her language and looks being different and having toys and running across a field being the same.  The yurt was of particular interest, after some discussion the class decided that the challenge for tomorrow will be to build a yurt over the house corner.  We will share the photos of our building and design effort very soon.