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Farewell to Mrs Hood

Thank you for all the lovely cards, gifts, flowers and kind messages given to me over the last few days. I will miss Innerwick greatly. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching here.

For those who missed my farewell speech, I have added it below.

What Innerwick means to me….
I is for Innerwick – A very special and unique village, in a beautiful setting with fabulous views and a friendly community.
N is for the nine years I have been here at Innerwick, starting in a P1/2 class, then moving to a P6/7 class and then into Nursery 6 years ago. I have taught all ages and stages over the years.
N is for new – heading off to a new school with new pupils, new parents and new challenges. There will also be new staff starting here at Innerwick in August and I wish them well.
E is for experiences and enjoyment: trips to the beach, theatre, local farm, library, Safari Park, Dynamic Earth, gardening in the polytunnel, picnics, selling vegetables, plums, muffins and popcorn, Christmas shows, Sports Days. All memorable and fun.
R is for the 3 Rs – reading, writing and arithmetic which I have taught a lot of whilst working here!
W is for welcoming and wonderful – I don’t think I need to say any more…
I is for the individuals that I have taught over the years – the ones who like things to be ordered in a certain way, the ones who are frequently late, the ones who never complete their homework on time, or the ones who never remember their reading book! Each and every one of you has helped to make my time at Innerwick so unique and fulfilling (and challenging at times!)
C is for my colleagues. We have had so many laughs (and tears!) together over the years, and I thank you for being there for me. It has been wonderful to be part of such a great team. I will miss the camaraderie, and will definitely keep in touch with you.
K is for kids and kindness; both of which are plentiful at Innerwick. It is the children who make this school such special place. I thank you and your parents for all your kindness over the years. I will miss you all, and Innerwick will remain a very special place to me for many years to come.

I hope you all have a lovely summer.
Best wishes to you all from,
Mrs Hood

P5/6/7 Build Bridges!

As part of our Inter-disciplinary theme on the Victorians, we have designed and built suspension bridges in the style of Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge. We certainly learned a lot through the design and manufacturing process! The students evaluated their own work and identifed their next steps. Please feel free to pop in and see their completed work.

Send My Friend To School

Last Thursday we watched a video about people who dont go to school and how lucky we are to go to school and learn,but some people dont get to go to school. Our activity this year for send my friend to school is every child needs a teacher so we can make small or large people to decorate as teachers and then an MP comes in to collect all our teachers. She will take them to London to the Prime Minister.


Careers Week 2

On Thursday we had Leeza and danielle (torness power station) Gavin Ross (Police man) Gareth Hill (Sportsman) Shirley Lawson (IT EXPERT) Gill Robertson (ARTISTIC DIRECTOR -CATHRINE WHEELS THEATRE) Martin conroy (intepriter) into talk to us , later on we had a vet come in to talk to us her name was Val Tear she brought a tortiose in to school . On Friday we had a paramedic in to talk to us her name was Susan Hunter. By KAYLA
careers morning 2 on PhotoPeach

Careers Week

Careers Morning on PhotoPeach

This morning we had 5 people come into our school to talk to us about their jobs. We had Ian a firefighter, George the Thurston Caravan Park Manager, Laura our Countryside Ranger and Colin our school Post Man.We all had a good time and can’t wait to here more about peoples jobs on Thursday. by Kayla