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O Duo visited Innerwick

This morning, two musicians, Ollie and Owen, came into our school to teach us how to play percussion instruments.
First we practised clapping in rhythm and it was fun! Soon we were introduced to our instruments, and in a very short period of time, we had to learn a routine to perform to the rest of the school. I enjoyed learning my part and listening for my cue. We made a wonderful sound when we put it all together.
After break, we all had to perform in front of the whole school. We were petrified! It was brilliant!
Next Ollie and Owen started to play percussion instruments. They were extremely musical and talented. It made us feel as if we were actually in Brazil.
We felt incredibly lucky to have such fantastic musicians visiting our school.
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This week with P3/4

This week has been fantastic fun for us in P3/4!  First we had a visit from Ollie and Owen who taught us how to play percussion instruments.  Then we learned some football skills with Adam Hill, a football coach.   Next we transformed our classroom into four climate zones; a desert, a rainforest, a polar region and a temperate zone, with the help of our creative and energetic parents.  Finally, we had an amazing ceilidh at Innerwick village hall,  to entertain the retired folk from the village.  We feel very privileged to have had such great opportunities.

written by P3/4

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Nursery Sponsored Pedal, Push or Scoot

On Wednesday 26th March 2014, the nursery children all took part in a Sponsored Pedal, Push or Scoot to raise money for our school charity for this year – LifeStraws. LifeStraws are a portable water filter that effectively removes all bacteria from contaminated water.
Children had the choice of pedaling a bike, tricycle or taxibike, scooting on a scooter or pushing a pushchair around the circuit created in the school playground. The 20 laps were completed by everyone with great enthusiasm and skill. The children were very appreciative of the older children and parents who came along to count the laps and offer support. At the end, everyone was awarded a medal to celebrate their achievement. We are still collecting in the sponsor money, but will add the total to this blog when we have it.
Many thanks to everyone who made this event such a worthwhile and successful venture.

P5/6/7 Art Exhibition

P5/6/7 have recently completed a study of Scottish Art. We have researched art movements and leading artists through recent art history. We began by looking at the Glasgow Boys and Charles Rennie Mackintosh, moving onto The Scottish Colourists (Peploe and Cadell in particular), completing the picture with contemporary Scottish artists such as Jolomo, Peter Howson, Jack Vettriano and Eduardo Paolozzi. Our trip to the Modern Art Gallery for a workshop on Paolozzi completed our project.
We hope you enjoy looking at the pieces of art we have produced.

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Outdoor shelter project

Our ECO committee have been working on a project to improve our outdoor shelter area. The children have come up with lots of ideas and the winning designs have been selected.
We have been very fortunate to have been given pots of paint from Homebase, Turnbulls in Dunbar, parents and the local community. A HUGE thankyou to everyone! Some parents have volunteered to come in and paint the area.
Attached are a few photographs of the winning designs and also the shelter as it is now and if you keep watching this blog, we will take more photographs of the progress being made.

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