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P6/7 Sharing Assembly

On Friday, Primary 6/7 royally entertained their parents and friends with a fantastic assembly based around the language work they had completed over the previous term. They showed they could be both informative and entertaining.

Brilliant performance from all of them. Clearly there are more than a few budding actors and actresses in the class. So proud of them!

Mr Cain



STEM club started after school today for P4-7 pupils.

Pupils had to work cooperatively to complete two STEM challenges. Using only the materials provided, they had to build a freestanding bridge which could hold a toy car and the tallest freestanding tower. Lots of fun and creative thinking! Thank you to everyone who came along!

Lego Mindstorm in P4-7

Fantastic chance for the pupils of both P4/5 and P6/7 to try their hand at programming with the Lego Mindstorm challenge. The pupils learned how to programme their robots and had to use these newly learned skills to tackle a series of increasing more complex problems. Working together, the pupils had to utilise different sensors on the robots to get their robots to drive round obstacles, turn corners and even carry out a small dance!

RBS Moneysense

Yesterday P6/7 enjoyed  a fantastic afternoon with the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Moneysense team. We learned a lot of skills around budgeting  based around the context of organising a birthday party.

These skills will come in very handy in later life, and more immediately, as we gear up to running a Fairtrade café towards the end of term.



50th Anniversary

As I’m sure you know, we will soon reach our School’s very special date, and I would like to update you on events around our anniversary week.


I have had a number of discussions with staff, pupils, parents and partners of the school over the past few months, and we have agreed a range of activities and events which I believe provide interesting learning opportunities for the children as well as a number of fun and exciting ways of sharing this learning while marking a special occasion. The children have already been working in class on a number of curriculum areas which have allowed them to reflect on the 50 years which have passed since the school first opened on its current site. I am very grateful to members of the parent forum who have given time to help us in organising events and sorting memorabilia, and I am delighted to be able to advise that we have successfully bid for funds to allow us to commission a purpose built display cabinet which will feature a range of school history for years to come.


I attach an overview of activities for the week commencing 25 February. Please note that items marked in red are intended to be sharing events and we are very keen for as many parents and friends of the school community to join us as can manage. We totally understand that everyone has busy lives, but if you are able to take some time to join us at any of the marked events, you will be very welcome. The finale to the week will be the Friday Assembly, and it is likely that we may have to regulate numbers by way of tickets per family. More details on this to follow.


Please do not hesitate to contact me or the school office should you wish to discuss any of this further, and in the meantime I hope you will be able to mark a couple of dates in your diary.

anniv weekly overviewv2