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Early Years Bake Sale for Children in Need

Children, staff and parents collaborated and cooperated together to bake, make and purchase muffins and popcorn, to raise funds for Children in Need. There had been baking sessions in the early years setting during the week, supported by parent helpers. Freshly baked muffins were brought in by some parents and staff. The children worked hard in their shop keeper roles on the bake stall and took this task very seriously, embracing being part of the wider school community. In total 148 muffins and 33 bags of popcorn were sold, and a grand total of £104.73 was made. Thank you so much for all the help, extra baking and purchasing.

Nursery Minibeast Hunt

Yesterday, the nursery children went on a minibeast hunt in our local woods. Laura, the Countryside Ranger, helped the children to identify the many creatures that they found hiding under the logs. The children also held a sheet under a tree and shook the tree to discover which minibeasts were living above our heads. We were surprised to find so many creatures living in our woods.

Stripy the Puppet – The Article is Published

I am delighted to share the article, Creative skills in practice: a creative process, which has recently been published in a new Care Inspectorate document, My Creative Journey. The article, on pages 27-28, describes the nursery children’s enthusiasm planning a party for Stripy, the nursery puppet, in February 2015. Sadly the photos I sent the Care Inspectorate were not used, so I attach the original slideshow which I shared at the Starcatchers’ conference in April 2015, showing many lovely photos of the children involved in creativity. Enjoy!
Stripy the puppet, a creative process

Nursery News

We have welcomed five, new Ante Pre-school children to our Nursery this session. All children are playing well and enjoying the exciting learning opportunities on offer. They have enjoyed playing, creating, building, making, baking pretzels and crumble, and going on weekly Learning Walks to explore and observe seasonal changes in the local environment.

The children have recently chosen “Animals” as their next topic and have helped to plan their learning around the room and outside. They have also started to use a newly-created map of their learning environment to plan and review their play. This map will be used as a planning tool which enables every child to have a voice in their daily learning choices.

More nursery photos and news will be shared on the school blog throughout the coming sesion.
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Nature Play 2017

We are so happy that our Nature Play sessions have finally started! Yesterday we enjoyed a lovely, sunny morning exploring the small woodland in the school grounds.
This week we had fun hunting for mini-beasts (we actually found two caterpillars!), putting on a puppet show, making mud soup and endless cups of “daisy” tea, before enjoying snack in our den. We really enjoy these weekly sessions where we can play and learn together in the outdoor environment. Thank you to all the parents who have kindly offered to help with the sessions in the coming weeks.

Sandcastles on the Beach

Yesterday the nursery children enjoyed a trip in the minibus to Thorntonloch Beach. First they had to each build 10 sandcastles as they had been sponsored by their friends and family to carry out this challenge. With the money raised from this sponsored event, we hope to buy some new toys and other resources for the nursery.

After all that digging, they then enjoyed a healthy snack before heading along the beach in search of interesting items to create transient art pictures.

There was then time for some races along the sand – running races, walking backwards races, running sideways races and running with a partner races. All that running certainly helped to warm them up!

Before we headed back to Nursery, the children enjoyed jumping on their sandcastles to flatten them out and leave the beach just as they had found it! Thank you to all the parents and siblings who joined us. We were so glad the sun shined, and the hailstones from the previous day stayed away!

We will let you know how much we raised once the sponsor money has all been returned.

Nursery goes out and about!

Today the nursery children enjoyed a trip to Dunbar Library and then went to John Muir Country Park for a picnic and a play in the park.

At the library, they took part in a Bookbug singing and story session with Christine, and then went to each choose a book to take home. Next the minibus took them to the park where they enjoyed a snack and play on the equipment. The boys were very pleased to see a small digger at work in the park. All too soon it was time to get back on the bus and return to Nursery.

It had been a lovely morning exploring the local community. Thank you to the two parent helpers who came with us.

A Visit from a Fire-fighter

The children enjoyed a visit from fire-fighter Jenny on Monday. She showed us the special clothes she wears to protect herself from fires. She had also brought in some of her equipment. We had great fun trying on her helmet and holding the long hose. We asked her lots of interesting questions too, and she was very impressed by our knowledge. We think being a fire-fighter would be great!

Thank you, Jenny, for taking the time to come and visit our nursery.