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The Mystery Suitcase

Learning Wall

P1/2 have set up a learning wall in their classroom. We are looking forward to opening the mystery suitcases and finding out about the past. What we learn and how we learn it will be added to the wall as we progress. Have a look at our key questions to help you to make up your mystery suitcase with your child. Feel free to pop in and see what we’ve been finding out.

P1/2/3 Visit to Ruchlaw Mains Farm

The children of P1/2 have all shared their views about the visit to Ruchlaw Mains Farm yesterday afternoon.

I liked……
..looking at the sheep and lambs. Some lambs were drinking their mummy’s milk. – Bella, Erin and Maddy
..watching the biscuit mixture going through the grinder. – Carla
..smelling the fish meal. It was very strong! – Sophie
..looking at the pictures on the slideshow. We learned that there were 10,000 pigs on the farm.- Sarah, Callum W. and Oliver T.
..looking at the computer. It told you if the bins were working. They went green on the screen. – Duncan
..the pig noises during the slideshow. – Sofia
..smelling the biscuit meal. It had nuts, raisins and chocolate chips in it! They put it into the pig food. – Tabitha and Elsa
..dipping my boots in the disinfectant. – Rose
..going on the big tractor and pretending I was driving. – Bella
..touching and smelling the different grains. – Alexander
..being high up in the tractor. – Sean and Callum F.
..smelling the rape seed flowers. – Jacob and Maddy
..looking at the old machinery and learning how they used to work. – Bella and Grant
..watching the pig feed getting made. – Shane
..seeing where they tipped in the biscuit mixture and took out the stones. – Oliver G.
..smelling the pig feed. – Alexandra
..climbing up into the tractor. – Alexander

We had a wonderful afternoon on the farm! We all learned so much.
Thank you to the farmers Jamie, Jim and Barbara who kindly showed us around their farm.

P1/2 Orienteering

Children in P1/2 enjoyed an orienteering session with Martin Pegg from Outdoor Education on Thursday afternoon. He brought special orienteering equipment for them to use. Children worked with a partner and needed to use their map reading skills again to locate stations around the school grounds. Electronic “keys” recorded their routes and times. The winning team visited all eight stations in the correct order and took 2 minutes and 56 seconds.

Fit Lab visits school

This week we had a visit from Ross and Callum who brought “Fit Lab” from the Glasgow Science Centre. This consisted of a variety of different hands-on activities which measured various strengths of our body. They measured reaction time, balance, grip strength, memory, flexibility, arm strength and mind control. We all enjoyed putting our bodies to the test and were amazed how well we did. Thank you for your visit. “We loved it!”

Fit Lab Fun! on PhotoPeach