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P1/2/3 Visit to Dunbar Lifeboat Station

This morning we went to the lifeboat station in Dunbar. We split into two groups. One group watched a film about staying safe near water and the other group climbed onboard a lifeboat. The groups then swapped over. We learned lots of interesting things and heard how the lifeboat rescues people at sea. We looked at the lifeboatmen’s uniforms, and Maddie, Ellie and Callum B. tried on different uniforms.

We then walked along to see the big lifeboat anchored in the harbour.
We all had a lovely time and then it was time to return to school.

“I learned how to stay safe beside water.” – Grace

“I enjoyed finding out how they steer the lifeboat.” – Ellie

“I enjoyed looking at all the different things stored on the little lifeboat.” – Caleb

“I learned where they keep the petrol on-board the lifeboat.” – Eilidh

“I enjoyed learning about the two lifeboats.” – Cara

“I showed the class how to make the boat go fast and slow and how to steer it”. – Callum D.

“The lifeboatman showed me how they climb down the yellow ladder to get on to the big lifeboat”. – Callum. B

“We spotted Sally and Sammy seals in the harbour!” – Jack

I enjoyed testing the steel toecaps on his boots by stamping on them!” – Anders

“I found out where the anchor was stored.” – Ben