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STRIVE and the YMI

Our normal work went on as usual – maths, writing, reading etc as well as Living & growing and starting to make posters for our Fairtrade café. And now it started to get warm we had the chance to do our daily mile out on the grass. The main events were Strive with some daring longboard skateboarding and our Youth Musical Initiative show at West Barns. The skateboarding was great fun and it was amazing to hear proper classical musicians and an opera singer performing for such a small audience.


First Week Back

Easter seems a long time ago! We are right back into the swing of things – and with two new pupils – Harry & Jess. It has been good getting to make new friends. We have been writing stories to enter a Jacqueline Wilson competition, working with equivalent fractions, creating a “time” display and started to learn about Fair Trade.  And we started our block of lessons on Living & Growing. The P6’s and P5’s had another Strive outdoor adventure – not even the pouring rain could stop them.  It’s like we have never been away!


Dissecting flowers, gardening and a visit from the Ranger

Another busy week. We started the week by dissecting lillies to find out about the various parts that make up flowers. We used magnifying glasses to inspect the parts up close. On Tuesday the P5’s and the P6’s went on another STRIVE outdoor adventure, this time scrambling up hilly inclines. While the P5’s were away the rest of us set up online learning portfolios. The weather picked up and we got the chance to read outside and in maths we have started learning about fractions. And on Thursday we did some gardening, preparing the ground for some new hedging and also had the ranger in to teach us about food webs.


Science Workshop, Mandela dance, Dreamcatchers etc.

It’s been another fun packed week. We had the science workshop where we learned all about the forces acting on something that is flying. And in the Mandela dance workshop we learned about the history of South Africa through different types of African dance. Then, on Thursday, Morven’s mum came in and helped us make our own dreamcatchers. These were all really fun activities to do. On a more serious note, we all completed an assessment to see how much we had learned about money in maths, we tried to solve some maths groupwork problems, started learning about the structure and life-cycles of plants and began to make some information leaflets on different types of birds.

STRIVE for the outdoors

In a packed week, the main highlight for the P5’s & P6’s was the first chance to try the STRIVE adventure school programme. They had the chance to try out activities such as the night-line, observation alley and create a nature colour palette. But that wasn’t all this week – we learned about the Edinburgh Fringe, made posters advertising this year’s event and entered them into the national competition. In writing  we wrote “Ancient Adventures” and might get our stories published in a book. We created some flower pictures out of tissue paper in art, tried some maths problem solving in our co-operative groups and enjoyed a fun packed World Book Day. And we also learned more about the fight against Polio with the “purple pinkie” visit .

…..Nearly at the holidays!

Although it is the February holidays next week we are still cramming loads into the week.  Our money work is still on-going in maths and we have started doing problem solving too. We have written a Woodland Adventure story in Big Writing and we even planned it outside in the woods. Two different sets of skills we put to good use this week were – baking and building. We made cup cakes and put together shelving racks for the new pod in the playground. And in our hall time with Mr Cain we started keep fit routines. We have started our Enchanted woodland topic by looking at habitats and adaptation.


RBS, Field To Fork and Sharing Assembly!

Not only did we have the fabulous enchanted woodland this week but we had another week packed full of visits and events.  On Monday someone from the Royal Bank of Scotland came in and we got to plan and cost out a birthday. It was fun coming up with ideas to make a great party but it was surprising how much everything cost! On Tuesday we had another visit from “Field To Fork”. We learned all about seasonal vegetables and even made a lovely big pot on winter soup. Tasty. And today we put on our sharing assembly for the rest of the school. Looking back it was amazing how much we had crammed into our Scotland topic.



Community Warden, Zoo Bus, Ceilidh, P7 Transition & Dogs Trust – Phew!!

What a week – so much crammed in. On Tuesday, Callum and Jimmy, two of the local community wardens came in to tell us all about anti-social behaviour. Hopefully we knew all about how to behave properly when outside school but it was a good reminder nevertheless. On Wednesday, we held a whole school art lesson to decorate the glass jars we had all brought in. We helped the young ones do theirs too. On Thursday the P7’s had a transition event up at Dunbar Primary school and Edinburgh Zoo’s “Wild About Scotland” double-decker bus paid us a visit. And we had the Ceilidh up at the village hall. Despite a couple of technical hitches everyone did brilliantly! And finally today the Dogs Trust came in to tell us about Greyfriar’s Bobby (although we showed we already knew quite a bit about him). ……… And of course we had to cram all the usual stuff in too. Know wonder everyone is tired out this week!